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thoughts on the Occupy Wall Street movement and a call for heightened and enthusiastic action by conservatives

(Posted by Bryana Joy on October 16, 2011)

If you follow The High Tide Journal on twitter, you probably already know that I’m uber skeptical of the Occupiers and more than ready to poke fun at the inconsistencies and outrageous behaviors that have embarrassed the movement. As I haven’t attended any of the rallies, I don’t have any firsthand experience of what exactly is going on, but I’ve seen the pictures and videos presented by both sides of the political divide.  

While the Daily Mail showcases a gallery of photos that depict the Occupiers as orderly citizens cleaning up after themselves, abused by the police, and willingly enduring hardships in order to effectively protest corporate greed and government corruption, Breitbart shares video footage of Occupy activists who are apparently confused about the purpose of the movement, activists who are well-known anti-Semites, and activists who call themselves Marxist communists and socialists. Todd Kinsey shares photos of far greater embarrassments. Most recently, this hysterical clip of a superlatively agitated Occupy protestor has been triumphantly broadcasted by conservative bloggers as an example of the general Occupy attitude -- although I imagine that even some some liberals got a laugh out of it.

I want people to protest. I want people to line the streets, and make noise and throng in numbers and say “NO,” to the bloodsucking government system, the evil and corrupt corporate partnerships, the crony capitalism. Unfortunately, now that the nation is beginning to rise up on a wide scale and make the headlines, many of those in the spotlight are irresponsible and greedy individuals who are not motivated by sound principles but simply driven by jealousy. Many are socialists who don’t respect liberty but, in fact, want more government involvement. Many don’t respect free markets and aren’t just protesting crony capitalism but capitalism in general. Some are Nazis. What to do with this motley and confused crowd?

I’m afraid that some of my friends on the right are missing out on an excellent opportunity. Rather than demonizing the protests by choosing to zoom in on only the discrepancies, the Nazis, the unions, the entitlement mentality, the hippies and the punks, could we not agree with the Occupy crowd that resistance is in order and host protests of our own that center around the same general premise: opposition to the greed and corruption of the 1%?  Could we not try to leverage out the overtly leftist demands by making demands of our own – demands that intentionally respect liberty but still come against the evil in Washington and on Wall Street? Do we not want conservative voices joining in the uproar against all of this madness? Or is the Occupy movement so irredeemable that we prefer to stand on the side of the establishment?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t ask us to join hands and sing Kum-Ba-Yah with Nazis, with Lisa Fithian, with flag-desecraters, or with Marxists. In fact, that’s the last thing I want. Rather, I ask of those who truly love America: Don’t you find it frightening that the USA seethes with so many who are confused about freedom and the purpose of government? Do you want these to be the only ones standing up and saying, “ENOUGH”?

I’m eager to hear others’ thoughts and opinions on this, so please share. Am I wrong? Let me know!



11/24/2011 15:48

I'm amazed at the bone-headed attitude of most conservatives toward OWS. We're 3 years into a huge financial crisis, about which our Congress has done practically NOTHING, regarding root causes, and lo & behold, folks are finally demonstrating in the streets.

What took them so long? Americans may be confused by a lot of the financial & political gobbledygook, but they've at least come to realize that there's something seriously wrong, and the government's NOT going to fix it unless somebody raises a fuss.

Sure, the protestors are very confused about what they're demanding. This is just the very early stages. Why don't conservatives embrace a movement that is obviously starving for philosophical leadership? The protestors may not be mostly conservatives, but they're not communists, either.

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